Saturday, February 27, 2016

Alicia Lundquist--Brentwood TN Real Estate Agent

The loan was processed in very difficult circumstances but Matt Helton stayed on top of it and his partners in the processing side did an amazing job in turning all the negatives around. Thank you!
Extremely Satisfied

Alice Charron--Nashville TN Real Estate Agent

Matt and Michael were very proactive with communication on the loan and the progress of the loan. We ran into a bump with the appraisal and they were on top of our options. I really can't think of anything that I wish they had done differently. They were a pleasure to work with! Alice

Candie Worsham--Nashville TN Real Estate Agent

Matt was terrific to work with. He kept us informed and even funded on schedule on Friday late in the day. Highly recommend.  Extremely Satisfied

Brian Swain Realtor Nashville TN

I would normally say no chance due to my extremely healthy relationship with my preferred lender who I love and highly recommend but due Matt Helton's customer service and communication, I will LIKELY send Caliber some business.  Thanks Matt Helton!

Tish Roney Nashville TN Real Estate Agent

They did an all around outstanding job!  Extremely Satisfied!!  Great Job Michael and Matt!

David A.--Bought First Home in Nashville TN with Zero Down

The staff did an outstanding job throughout the process & explained everything so that I understood it.  Extremely Satisfied

Todd J.--Bought First Home in Nashville TN

Recommend Comment:  Both Matt and Michael were extremely helpful and explained things well for me, a first time homeowner.

Amanda Bell Ashland City TN Real Estate Agent--Buyer's Agent

Matt is awesome!

Andrea M.--Springfield TN Home Purchase. Sold home and upgraded to Beautiful Home in the Country!

I was able to speak with Caliber just about anytime of the day, and they helped us understand the process and walked us through each step .

Steve Manley--Spring Hill TN Real Estate Agent. Buyer's Agent on a Transaction

Great customer service and attention to detail from Matt Helton, Michael Foster and the rest of the team.  Once again, another great job by Matt, Michael and the whole team at Caliber Loans, we actually a day or to early due to attention to detail...Thanks a Bunch..

Kandy King Spring Hill TN--Real Estate Agent on the Buyer's Side

They do everything they say they're going to do. Very knowledgeable about different loans. Always staying in touch clients and agents.  No improvement needed.

Shaun Murphy--Nashville TN Real Estate. Bought a Great Home.

They went over and above to get my loan!  I am extremely satisfied.  I would recommend them to anyone!!

Ethan and Cori B.--Ashland City TN Real Estate. Bought an Awesome Home with Zero Down.

Matt Helton and the crew answered every question I had, and even though we had a hiccup or two regarding paperwork or issues caused by someone else, they were always there to get it fixed as quickly as possible.  I am extremely satisfied.

Tommye Thompson--Nashville TN. Buyer's Agent on a Transaction.

Matt and Michael were very professional. My buyer and I never had to ask for updates, as we were included in everything. It was so refreshing to be included in this new process. I didn't know what to expect after 10/3 and was pleasantly surprised at the loan and closing process.

Kristin and David Saunders--Nashville TN Real Esate. Bought Their First Investment Property

Courteous, communicated well, appreciated getting automated updates on each step of the process. 
Extremely Satisfied

Logan Bedford and Tina Lu--Columbia TN Real Estate Bought Their Home Out in the Country

Had great service and response times.  Extremely Likely to recommend!

Melissa and Adam McLarty--Franklin TN Bought Their First Home with a VA Loan

Matt Helton and Michael Foster did a superb job explaining the process and working through first time home buyers and a VA home loan. We were always in the loop and kept almost over informed about the status of our loan. They were extremely efficient and punctual. Will do business again.

Melissa and Kevin King--Nashville TN Real Estate. They Sold a Condo and Bought and a Home in 12 South Area

I have used Caliber and Matt Helton on several transactions and I have already recommended both to many family and friends. We always receive prompt service. The entire group has a very good system of communication. We do not ever wonder where we are with the process.

Patricia and Joseph Rice--Woodbury TN Real Estate. They Purchased the Home They Have Been Renting

Matt Helton and Michael Foster were very helpful. My husband and I felt well informed and very satisfied with the handling our home loan.  We are Extremely Likely to recommend were extremely satisfied!!!

Matt and Gina Lackore--Nashville TN Refinanced Their Home which Lowered Payment and Gave Them Money To Redo Floors

Very smooth process. Great communication.  Extremely Satisfied!

Kelsie Kinsley--Mt. Juliet TN The Listing Agent on a Home My Client's Closed on

I am very likely to recommend in the future.  They completed a loan in a very quick timeframe- quicker than almost any other mortgage company I've seen so far since TRID guidelines have been implemented.  I was extremely satisfied.

Nicole Gardner--Realtor Springfield TN Buyer's Agent

I am Extremely likely to recommend in future.  Top notch communication, with not only my client, but myself as the selling agent, as well as the listing agent. We knew where we were in the process every step of the way. I loved that about Matt and his team.  I was still not fully buying in, until closing, and guess what... Matt and his team DELIVERED AS PROMISED! We closed on time without any hiccups in the process. Now I have bought in, and recommend them to others looking for a lender.  I was extremely Satisfied.

Landon Daniel--Mt Juliet TN Real Estate. Sold and Upgraded to a Larger Home

Great service. Good communication. On time and even early. Available.  Extremely Likely to Recommend to others.  Keep up the good work!

Billy D. Purchased a Home in McMinnville TN

How did your Mortgage Loan Originator, Teresa Rae Kerr do? 5-Best How did your Client Manager, Michael Alan Foster do? 5-Best