Monday, March 30, 2015

Shayne Merrick--Nashville TN. Sold his first home and ungraded to a larger home.

Hey Matt!


Thank you so much for your encouragement, counsel, patience, professionalism and efficiency in the home buying process.  Knowing how important and helpful you were in my first purchase in 2009, you were my first call when I started looking at houses again.  Prospective clients should take comfort that you will walk with them hand in hand to make a big decision much less stressful.  You were there every step of the way both times and always make yourself available for questions.  For me, you are not just a lender but truly a partner, advisor, and more importantly, a friend. 



M. Koenig--Nashville TN. Buying a for sale by owner home in a great location on the west side of Nashville

Dear Matt,


Thanks to you and Michael for taking care of the extra paperwork my particular loan required.

You guys went above and beyond to make sure everything was adjusted accordingly. I was a bit

concerned about the underwriter getting everything done on time, but you guys made sure we

ended up at mission accomplished! Many thanks for all of your successful efforts!


M. Koenig

Billy D. Purchased a Home in McMinnville TN

How did your Mortgage Loan Originator, Teresa Rae Kerr do? 5-Best How did your Client Manager, Michael Alan Foster do? 5-Best